Teaching Methodology

  • Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs Happy Dale College (HDC) provides a caring environment to students, faculty and staff members.

  • HDC treats each student as an Individual, addresses individual competencies based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory.

  • HDC Provides dynamic curriculum based on Hilda Taba’s Model. Dynamic curriculum means each year is a new experience for faculty.

  • For Macro Instructional Designing HDC follows ADDIE Model. (ADDIE: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate).

  • For Micro Instructional Design HDC follows Gagne’s Model.

  • For student evaluation HDC follows Criterion Based Formative Assessment Model.

  • HDC believes in gradually addressing the higher order  levels thinking, based on Bloom’s Cognitive Domain.

  • HDC is against Passive Learning and strongly supports Students’ Centered Active Learning Environment.

  • Addressing 21st centuries learning and teaching competencies, HDC offers Flipped Classroom Environment supported by Blended Learning, Hybrid Learning, Online Interactions and LMS (Learning Management System).